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Τhe world famous lake-cave "Melissani" on Kefalonia: Τhe mysterious "Cave of the Nymphs", one of the unmistakable landmarks in Homeric Ithaca's landscape.

Athena: "But come now, to convince you I will show you the land of Ithaca... This is the spacious, vaulted grotto … where bees have their hive."  (Od. 13.344 - 351) 

ἀλλ᾽ ἄγε τοι δείξω Ἰθάκης ἕδος, ὄφρα πεποίθῃς...τοῦτο δέ τοι σπέος ἐστὶ κατηρεφές, … ἔνθα … τιθαιβώσσουσι μέλισσαι....  (Od. 13.344 - 351) 

The lake - cave of "Melissani" at Kefalonia (Karavomylos, Sami).One of the most beautiful lakes in the world !!!  Homer’s famed "Cave of the Nymphs", one of the distinctive landmarks that Athena conjures up to convince Odysseus that he is back in his homeland after twenty years away from Ithaca.(Od. 13.344-351)

Dedicated to our good friend, the historian Dr. Petros Petratos.
Text & Copyright: Hettie Putman Cramer & Makis Metaxas

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      When Odysseus arrives back in his homeland and Athena appears to him, he does not recognize her. So what does she do to persuade him that he really is back in Ithaca? She "scattering the mist to reveal the land’" and Athena shows him two of the most unmistakable landmarks of his homeland, which anyone who was familiar with them could not fail to recognize.